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World’s Top 8 Travel Destinations

Where do you want to go next? If you are like most people, you’ll realize the refreshing feeling
that traveling and getting in touch with people of different races and cultures brings.

For your next travel, we bring you the world’s top eight travel destinations. Enjoy your read!

1. Milwaukee, WI, US

With a 729% YoY (Year-over-Year), Milwaukee is the choicest destination that a lot of travelers love to visit.

This should not be a surprise because this same location is the host of the Democratic National Convention that is scheduled to take place next year.

Also, it features a fantastic restaurant and bar scenes and many intriguing cultural attractions that would leave you in awe.

2. Bilbao, Spain

The incredible transformation of Bilbao from a city of no reputation to a world-class city is a remarkable wonder.

With its lovely cityscape and breathtaking architecture, Bilbao found its way into the hearts of many travelers. With a 402% YoY, it is not difficult to see why visitors are trooping into this city.

3. Buriram, Thailand

The provincial city of Buriram is one of Thailand’s most famous city. It is highly reputed for its Phanom Rung monument that can be placed side-by-side to Angkor Wat.

MotoGP once inaugurated its motor racing event in Buriram. The city also hosts the yearly Buriram marathon. These are enough reasons to give it an annual 383% YoY.

4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Sunbury is quite a popular hub when you want to sightsee a Victorian-era architectural design, wineries, and lovely wildlife.

The one thing that made this city is the fact that it is the source of The Ashes – cricket’s most loved trophy. Next year, Sunbury promises to attract visitors because it is the host center of the ICC T20 World Cup.

5. Romania

Romania is famous for its antiquated rural villages and pristine halls. It is one of the top destinations for those looking for anything close to off-the-beaten-track.

If you are a lover of virgin forests and you want to visit Europe, then this is your choicest location. It has a YoY of 298%.

6. Xi’an, China

Xi’an, frequently regarded as one of the first places Chinese civilization, is better known for its terracotta warriors.

This is a huge display of ancient clay soldiers that some farmers discovered in 1974. With its historical monuments, it is understandable why visitors love this destination, hence a 255% YoY rate.

7. Eugene, OR, US

Eugene is a tremendously aesthetic city that is the fantasy of eco-conscious visitors. If you are seeking for organic foods and herbs for some medical purposes, then this place is for you.

Its eco-friendliness is evident because of its decision to rely on alternative energy sources starting from next year entirely. With a YoY of 213%, it is apparent why this made our list.

8. Guadalajara, Mexico

Even though Guadalajara has been underestimated, it is quickly gaining its desired recognition. It functions at a low frantic pace than many cities in Mexico when it comes to attracting visitors.

It features an impressive architectural design with a mouth-watering selection of museums and festivals. It has a YoY of 158%, and this number will only keep growing.


Our list captures some of the best fact-backed information of the top destinations that you can travel to.

A lot of other locations are becoming more prominent by the day, with some peculiar things being the reason for it. But for now, this is the top destinations!