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World’s Top 5 Hotels

Luxury is readily available when you are in the comfort of your home, and thankfully, certain places afford you class, style and sweet luxury.

With these beautiful hotels spread in their numbers across many locations in the world, it can be pretty difficult to pick out one in particular. In this regard, we bring you the world’s top five hotels

1. Four seasons hotel

One of the best in the world, this hotel is set at the surf club on Miami Beach in Florida with a starting rate of $600 per night.

Opened grandly on the eve of the new year in 1930, it was and still the home to celebrities and high members of the society among whom were Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor.

The Four Seasons boasts a Thomas Keller restaurant which serves guests very interesting meals. Guests do not also forget the hotel’s stateside offshoot, Le Sirenuse.

Time spent at the surf club is always a thrill thanks to the Four Seasons.

2. Taj Lake Palace

The city of Udaipur in India houses this 18th-century wonder. At Lake Pichola, on a man-made island, the 18-suites and  65 rooms hotel sit like the palace it was built to be.

Built for a prince originally, it suits the royal plan as guests at the Taj Lake enjoy exquisite treatment like royals. Another great feature is the transport system, which is controlled by water.

This means that guests of the Taj Lake Palace are shuttled in and out by boat which holds much fun and a feel of adventure. At a rate of over $430 per night, it is great indeed. 

3. Baur au Lac

Standing tall in the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland, the Baur au Lac for its 175 years of operation has been owned and handled by the same family.

With its own park, it offers privacy and has a capacity of 119 rooms for its guests. With pricing starting at about $760 dollars for a night, this exquisite hotel offers only the best. 

Celebrities like Joan MirĂ³ and Elton John have been guests at this fine hotel. Guests at the Baur au Lac always enjoy great meals from the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant known as the Pavilion and so many beautiful features too.

4. Le Bristol Paris

Spotless and beautiful, this sensational hotel has been delivering since 1925, especially to international guests.

During the second world war, it was the American embassy base and still is home to many fashion icons and photographers.

Offering Paris at its best, Le Bristol is home to meals of the 114 Faubourg and Chef Eric Frechon.

You will love the spa with luxurious treatments and therapies themed around the Russian Banya, Tata Harper lines which are completely natural and Le Prairie lines. 

Doubling from $866, you should definitely visit this home of luxury if you are in the beautiful city of Paris. 

5. Bisate Lodge

With Africa hosting an increasing number of visitors and Rwanda fast rising among the many countries in the continent, you might want to check out the Bisate Lodge.

Pricing at about $1500 per person for full board and lodging, it is set on the Virunga mountains with many gorillas.

It is said that Dian Fossey studied gorillas at the peaks which can be viewed from the hotel’s big windows.

With six thatched royalty inspired pods, the hotel itself is arranged like bird nests and is set around a volcanic cone that is eroded. You will certainly love it and everything within it.

Are you in need of the perfect getaway for just you or with friends/family and wish to enjoy only the classic luxury at a great hotel?

These places are set at perfect locations with many sights and impressive features and would make a great choice.