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World’s Top 7 Vacation Resorts

World’s Top 7 Vacation Resorts

As humans, we are naturally interested in who we love, who we are traveling with, and, most importantly, where we are traveling to.

If you ever fancy the idea of visiting a vacation resort, then we bring you the top vacation resorts!

1. The Data Langkawi

The Zen factor upped by Didier Lefort, scattering statement artwork, the hand-poured bathtubs, and the dark wood’s villa floors – plus a 1,500 pounds tangle of frightened tree roots – all over the grounds, you can’t ask for any other place.

The majestic zigzag steps that decline from its prominent pool is a sight to behold. Langkawi has a lot of intriguing elements to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

2. Tongabezi & Sindabezi

This resort offers you a whole Victorian Fall al to yourself. It is positioned on the waterfront of the Zambezi river, this beautiful house, having only five romantic chalets, entails nights of indulgence while the day is almost always filled with adventures.

You can test the rate of your heart using water rafting when the sun has arisen with water rafting and a brave dive from Victorian falls for the brave-hearted.

3. Twin Farms

This 18th- century resort is located close to Burlington, a go-to place once owed by Sinclair Lewis, an award-winning writer. It is a location for those who are seeking to relax their minds.

Their rural retreat services are topnotch, and a lot of visitors can attest to this fact.

Personalized diets and preferences are also an essential characteristic of this resort, so if you are on some dieting scheme, Twin Farms may be your choicest resort.

4. Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

Anantara is set on the mountains of Al-Hajar, on the very border of the Arabian Peninsula. It has often been described as the most determined desert hotel.

This resort has a lamp-lit outdoor space, a top-notch slick service for a sultan, courtyards that are majlis-styled, and pool villas faced by chasms.

Anantara has exceptional tennis courts, swimming pools, and a platform for star-gazing, more exotic for any other in the whole Middle East.

5. Tambo del Inka Resorts

Tambo sets the standard high in the Sacred Valley. It is a property positioned at the center of the town with 128 rooms in such a way that it perfectly fits into the city’s topography.

The rooms of this resort are faced with the Chicón and the cordillera glacier or the Urubamba River. Its interiors are the handiwork of the Roberto Caparra.

It features oversized local pottery, and soaring fireplaces carved from Inca-style walls.

6. Tierra Chiloe Adventure and Spa Hotel

Tierra Chiloe is arguably one of the sweetest spots in Chile. It is a hotel with 24-rooms located on the Chiloé, and it is an all-encompassing location that always gets it right from horse-riding adventures to soured cocktail.

Its rooms are a most-desirable because they feature wide-angle views of rainfall showers and sumptuous beds.

It also has a communal lobby that makes you feel you’re in a mountain lodge, wool blankets, and fireplaces. 

7. Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

Spread over a distance of 220 acres, Ayana is a vast resort that is stationed on the cliff of Bali Jimbaran Bay.

Ayana has shrines, statues of Buddha, mini and kid’s golf clubs, private beach, spa, dozens of pools, bars, restaurants, and three nicely set accommodations.

Being in this resort would make you feel like you’re in some fantasy land courtesy to its glamorous environs.


Are you short of the right information about the resort that you want to spend your vacation? We are pretty sure that you have chosen the next resort that you would like to spend your vacation.

Island destination

World Top 10 Island Destinations

What defines the beauty of an island is the sea that surrounds it.

There are many breathtaking islands on the planet with their pure crystal sea that astounds connoisseurs and tourists.

If you are on the lookout for some of the top reef, then we bring you the best!

1. Maldives

Looking for ravishing islands? Then think the Maldives. It is made up of twenty-six natural atolls and also doubles as the lowest-lying nation in the world.

It is a fascinating sight to behold, courtesy to its sea. Crystal clear aquamarine water circuit their lovely shores that peek scarcely above the Indian Ocean.

2. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Ever heard of the Sombrero galaxy? This island looks like it! The best asset and the focal point of this tropical wonder can be traced to its ravishing lagoon.

Snorkeling and diving are desirable in the nearby reefs plus hiking trails that lace through the remarkable forests.

3. Palawan, Philippines

Palawan is Philippines’ version of a paradise. With sand hinged on noisy palm rims and glowing white water, unique wildlife, quaint fishing villages, and emerald lakes, this Palawan is a go-to island.

Coral reefs thrive with unusual varieties of tropical fish, providing the perfect spot for the best diving on the planet.

4. Seychelles

Picture-perfect and pristine, this island is worth your holiday.

It is almost half the size of the equatorial isles and other islands that are located within the marine sanctuaries, which are fish-rich with impressive snorkeling and diving.

It also includes one of the earth’s most abundant fish spots.

5. Santorini, Greece

Circling Caldera, awesome Santorini earns points for its unmatched beauty. It has villas that are white-bleached rolls down the cliff of volcanic sites.

Sparkling white seas rise against blue-domed buildings, and colorful sprays of bougainvillea make the jaw-dropping canvas more colorful. 

6. The Cook Islands

If being in a castaway has been your fantasy, then you should consider visiting the Cook Island.

Trapped between Samoa and French Polynesia, Cook Islands are reputed for their volcanic peaks, palm-hinged beaches, and fantastic aquamarine lagoons. Most importantly, it houses the friendliest locals.

7. Bali, Indonesia

Submerged in a controversial culture, Bali is a meal for your aesthetic desires. Wafts of incense from the Hindu temple, mouth-watering meals, and rice paddies delights the taste buds.

It is also the best island for those seeking some form of spiritual connection and healing.

8. The Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

The Dalmatian is located off the Croatian coast, and it features an enchanting blend of rich history and relaxed charm.

Restaurants, boutique hotels, and quaint villages dot these grandeur islands that are encircled by dazzling seas. This is a go-to island for those seeking to connect with nature.

9. Fiji

Fiji is one of Australia’s astounding tropical escapes. It selects all the fantasy island spaces. Teeming coral reefs, translucent turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and are very rich in this island.

Fishing, snorkeling, surfing, and in some places, diving are all eccentric, but slipping into the waters is also rewarding.

10. Kauaʻi

Kauaʻi is not known as “the Garden Isle” for nothing. Its rainforests cloak features breathtaking interiors. Its outstanding coastlines are a must-see.

Inside its cobalt-blue seas, tropical fish and turtles swim along with coral reefs, catching the fancy of snorkelers and divers all over the world.


Vacations on islands can be one of the most refreshing journeys that you can make in a lifetime.

But what islands are worth your investments? We hope our list gave you a quick insight into some of the world’s top island destinations.


World’s Top 5 Hotels

Luxury is readily available when you are in the comfort of your home, and thankfully, certain places afford you class, style and sweet luxury.

With these beautiful hotels spread in their numbers across many locations in the world, it can be pretty difficult to pick out one in particular. In this regard, we bring you the world’s top five hotels

1. Four seasons hotel

One of the best in the world, this hotel is set at the surf club on Miami Beach in Florida with a starting rate of $600 per night.

Opened grandly on the eve of the new year in 1930, it was and still the home to celebrities and high members of the society among whom were Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor.

The Four Seasons boasts a Thomas Keller restaurant which serves guests very interesting meals. Guests do not also forget the hotel’s stateside offshoot, Le Sirenuse.

Time spent at the surf club is always a thrill thanks to the Four Seasons.

2. Taj Lake Palace

The city of Udaipur in India houses this 18th-century wonder. At Lake Pichola, on a man-made island, the 18-suites and  65 rooms hotel sit like the palace it was built to be.

Built for a prince originally, it suits the royal plan as guests at the Taj Lake enjoy exquisite treatment like royals. Another great feature is the transport system, which is controlled by water.

This means that guests of the Taj Lake Palace are shuttled in and out by boat which holds much fun and a feel of adventure. At a rate of over $430 per night, it is great indeed. 

3. Baur au Lac

Standing tall in the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland, the Baur au Lac for its 175 years of operation has been owned and handled by the same family.

With its own park, it offers privacy and has a capacity of 119 rooms for its guests. With pricing starting at about $760 dollars for a night, this exquisite hotel offers only the best. 

Celebrities like Joan Miró and Elton John have been guests at this fine hotel. Guests at the Baur au Lac always enjoy great meals from the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant known as the Pavilion and so many beautiful features too.

4. Le Bristol Paris

Spotless and beautiful, this sensational hotel has been delivering since 1925, especially to international guests.

During the second world war, it was the American embassy base and still is home to many fashion icons and photographers.

Offering Paris at its best, Le Bristol is home to meals of the 114 Faubourg and Chef Eric Frechon.

You will love the spa with luxurious treatments and therapies themed around the Russian Banya, Tata Harper lines which are completely natural and Le Prairie lines. 

Doubling from $866, you should definitely visit this home of luxury if you are in the beautiful city of Paris. 

5. Bisate Lodge

With Africa hosting an increasing number of visitors and Rwanda fast rising among the many countries in the continent, you might want to check out the Bisate Lodge.

Pricing at about $1500 per person for full board and lodging, it is set on the Virunga mountains with many gorillas.

It is said that Dian Fossey studied gorillas at the peaks which can be viewed from the hotel’s big windows.

With six thatched royalty inspired pods, the hotel itself is arranged like bird nests and is set around a volcanic cone that is eroded. You will certainly love it and everything within it.

Are you in need of the perfect getaway for just you or with friends/family and wish to enjoy only the classic luxury at a great hotel?

These places are set at perfect locations with many sights and impressive features and would make a great choice. 

Travel Destination

World’s Top 8 Travel Destinations

Where do you want to go next? If you are like most people, you’ll realize the refreshing feeling
that traveling and getting in touch with people of different races and cultures brings.

For your next travel, we bring you the world’s top eight travel destinations. Enjoy your read!

1. Milwaukee, WI, US

With a 729% YoY (Year-over-Year), Milwaukee is the choicest destination that a lot of travelers love to visit.

This should not be a surprise because this same location is the host of the Democratic National Convention that is scheduled to take place next year.

Also, it features a fantastic restaurant and bar scenes and many intriguing cultural attractions that would leave you in awe.

2. Bilbao, Spain

The incredible transformation of Bilbao from a city of no reputation to a world-class city is a remarkable wonder.

With its lovely cityscape and breathtaking architecture, Bilbao found its way into the hearts of many travelers. With a 402% YoY, it is not difficult to see why visitors are trooping into this city.

3. Buriram, Thailand

The provincial city of Buriram is one of Thailand’s most famous city. It is highly reputed for its Phanom Rung monument that can be placed side-by-side to Angkor Wat.

MotoGP once inaugurated its motor racing event in Buriram. The city also hosts the yearly Buriram marathon. These are enough reasons to give it an annual 383% YoY.

4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

Sunbury is quite a popular hub when you want to sightsee a Victorian-era architectural design, wineries, and lovely wildlife.

The one thing that made this city is the fact that it is the source of The Ashes – cricket’s most loved trophy. Next year, Sunbury promises to attract visitors because it is the host center of the ICC T20 World Cup.

5. Romania

Romania is famous for its antiquated rural villages and pristine halls. It is one of the top destinations for those looking for anything close to off-the-beaten-track.

If you are a lover of virgin forests and you want to visit Europe, then this is your choicest location. It has a YoY of 298%.

6. Xi’an, China

Xi’an, frequently regarded as one of the first places Chinese civilization, is better known for its terracotta warriors.

This is a huge display of ancient clay soldiers that some farmers discovered in 1974. With its historical monuments, it is understandable why visitors love this destination, hence a 255% YoY rate.

7. Eugene, OR, US

Eugene is a tremendously aesthetic city that is the fantasy of eco-conscious visitors. If you are seeking for organic foods and herbs for some medical purposes, then this place is for you.

Its eco-friendliness is evident because of its decision to rely on alternative energy sources starting from next year entirely. With a YoY of 213%, it is apparent why this made our list.

8. Guadalajara, Mexico

Even though Guadalajara has been underestimated, it is quickly gaining its desired recognition. It functions at a low frantic pace than many cities in Mexico when it comes to attracting visitors.

It features an impressive architectural design with a mouth-watering selection of museums and festivals. It has a YoY of 158%, and this number will only keep growing.


Our list captures some of the best fact-backed information of the top destinations that you can travel to.

A lot of other locations are becoming more prominent by the day, with some peculiar things being the reason for it. But for now, this is the top destinations!

Cruise line

World’s Top 7 Cruise Lines

Luxury cruise lines have always enchanted travelers looking for a superior traveling experience.

Some of these cruise lines provide glamorous travels to long distances, while some others tour with fascinate travelers with stimulating programs and comfortable cabins. The big question remains; which of them offers the best experience?

1. Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Cruises is highly reputed for its river cruise fleet. It includes engaging and luxury ships and itineraries that focus on the destination. It has caught the fancy of intellectual and active adults interested in knowing the culture and history of the place they’re visiting.

It has six identical 930-capacity passenger ships that include verandas and complimentary Wi-Fi for very of its cabin.

2. Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn presents itself as providing travelers with a cruise experience of de la crème. It includes five ships that can contain between 458 or 600 travelers.

Travelers enjoy a collection of luxurious services when they board this cruise. It tours all over the globe and visits famous locations like the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Alaska, plus many other sites in Antarctica, Asia, and Australia.

3. Crystal Cruises

This cruise has only two ships – Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity which have attracted severe criticism for their sparse crowds and graceful design.

Their ships cruise around the planet, with their 2020 itineraries covering the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. Their travels last from 4-139 nights.

Their shore excursions differ depending on range and itinerary from glass-bottom boat trips in French Polynesia to submarine journeys in Hawaii.

4. Regent Seven Sea Cruises

Regent has seven cruises that earn a high score from travelers and experts for its all-encompassing commitment and approach to luxury service.

Its five ships – Seven Seas Splendor, Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Explorer, Seven Seas Mariner, and Seven Seas Navigator features all-suite accommodation.

Its great 2020 itineraries consist of stops in more than a hundred ports throughout Europe, Caribbean, Alaska, Africa, and more.

5. Azamara Club Series

Critics and cruisers highly regard this club cruise due to its trips and high cost. Azamara has three ships – Azamara Pursuit, Azamara Quest, and Azamara Journey.

Its ports are located in Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, and the U.S. Their ship capacity is pegged at 700 travelers. It is easy to find crew members on these cruise lines.

6. Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises have gained the reputation for its exemplary and exclusive services, with gourmet cuisine, varied onboard activities, and spacious suites.

It includes small ships numbering nine that can hold between 100-608 travelers. It ushers a warm traveling experience so that almost every passenger with a crew member.

Their 2020 itineraries cover the Caribbean, South America, and Europe that lasts between 5-34 days.

7. Oceania Cruises

Oceania has six ships – Sirena, Insignia, Nautica, Regatta, Riviera, and Marina- which differs from other medium-sized ships due to their incredible itineraries, gourmet cruises, and 1:2 crew-to-passenger ratio system.

Their ships sail across the globe, with their 2020 itineraries covering the South Pacific, South America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, and Europe and more.

You can also opt-in for their post- or pre-cruise land tour that features transport costs, dining, and lodging.


Our list contains the top seven cruise lines in the world with some of the features that made them secure their spot on the list.

Even though other cruises lines are emerging and including some of the best features, these are far superior.


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